Brain-Boosting Power of Yoga

29 Aug Brain-Boosting Power of Yoga

Yoga—Putting Your Brain to Work


The Brain-Boosting Power of Yoga


A Little Downward Dog to Keep Your Brain in Shape

 A new season of school has begun! And, for many of us having left this phase of life, we forget to prioritize the importance of mind exercise. However, practicing a regular routine of yoga not only transforms our bodies, but provides valuable mental mind-boosting benefits as well.

 By ditching energy drinks when you feel an onset of brain fog and simply practicing just 20 minutes of yoga, you can help your brain function better, help stave off aging-related mental decline, and can improve focus and information retention, according to recent studies.*

 Yoga has also shown to help build healthier gray matter in the brain. Gray matter, located in the cerebral cortex and subcortical areas of the brain, helps you with better decision-making skills, regulate emotions, improve your memory, and overall improves cognitive function.

 At The Mat Yoga, we love our cat-cow, and when we have just three minutes to spare, we know it’s one of the best things you can do to help boost your brain activity. The movement, a type of spinal flexion, can help promote healthy circulation of the spinal fluid. When you do this, your mental clarity is improved and your body gets a boost of energy.

 So, yogis, now that it’s autumn it’s time to fall back in love with your yoga routine—for your body and your brain.


Kirtan Kriya Yoga Singing Exercise




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