Active/Dynamic Meditation

Active/Dynamic Meditation

Active MeditationFriday March 9th

Guided by studio owner Nic Pacaro

$5 general admission 

FREE for Premium Members 

8:30pm- 9:45pm
Whether you have a hard time sitting still or would simply like to try an alternate technique to experience the healing powers of meditation this is the class for you


Inspired by Osho’s traditional 5 stage Dynamic Meditation which is a unique technique designed to release stress, anger, and other emotional imbalances.


Break the normal patterns of your mind by working with your breath, voice, and body movement in this 75 minute guided meditation class. 


All participants are blindfolded or encouraged to keep eyes closed throughout to allow for complete freedom of movement and speech.


No props, mats or towels needed. If you have a blindfold or bandana please bring it, limited amounts will be provided.


Regular rates and class pricing applies

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