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  Utah’s FIRST and ONLY state of the art Heated & Climate Controlled Aromatherapy Yoga Studio



🗓 Open 7 days a week.

👃🏼 Our aromatherapy game is on point! The studio is climate controlled, evenly heated and never stanky–that’s right we said stanky!

📓 All classes guided from our ‘Mindpose’ method of educational teaching.

✌🏼 Sweet atmosphere and super chill vibes.

🌄 The view is #AmazeBalls.

🦄 All classes truly accessible to ALL LEVELS! We offer mad options and layers (that’s right- there’s no such thing as a “beginner” class here).

🍉 The sequences are SO FRESH and the studio is SO CLEAN CLEAN!

🚪 We leave our egos at the door but never our sense of humor… we suggest you do the same.

🙏🏼 Classes will inspire, educate and evolve your practice –EVERY SINGLE TIME.

✌🏼 We practice what we preach, therefore; our team is rockin’ awesome and livin’ peacefully!

📱 We love smartphones….but you’ll never hear or see one in our classes

⏰ What are you waiting for?

Jessica Pacaro

Co-Founder & RYT 500 YACEP Certified

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Growing up in athletics and always loving a good high intensity group fitness style class, Jessica had a very common misperception that yoga was all stretching and not really a “workout”. How wrong she was. She took her first class in 2012 and has been hooked ever since. -“I literally took a class everyday for the first week- I loved it so much!”


Power yoga is one of Jessica’s favorite styles of yoga to both practice and teach, but she has since branched into others like Vinyasa, and Hatha, she holds a special place in her heart for all. She loves the mental and physical challenge and reward the practice gives to her personal goals.


Jessica completed her first yoga teaching certification in Yoga Sculpt, which inspired her to then complete the 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teaching Certificate in Vinyasa Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage through LagoCPH at Anamaya Mind and Body Resort in Costa Rica.


She hopes to bring you exciting and challenging class formats, inspire and bring the community of Saratoga Springs, Utah together with a shared interest in total body health and wellness. “Being healthy is more then just having a physically fit body- yoga helps you to be mentally and emotionally balanced as well.”


Jessica completed her first yoga teaching certification in Yoga Sculpt, which inspired her to then complete the 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teaching Certificate in Vinyasa Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage through LagoCPH at Anamaya Mind and Body Resort in Costa Rica. In the spring of 2017 she completed her additional 300 Hour Yoga Alliance certified program in Tahnā Yoga at The Yoga Underground in Provo, Utah.

Nic Pacaro

Co-Founder & E-RYT 200 YACEP Certified

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Nic is a former professional athlete who has been involved in athletics his whole life. He has been practicing yoga for 15+ years, but it wasn’t until a severe car accident in 2013 that left him with spinal cord damage that Nic became more adamant with his yoga, practicing almost 4-6 times per week.


After his injury he was told that he would need surgery to recover…looking for a holistic lifestyle approach to compliment his  pain management program, Nic continues to practice regularly various styles of yoga and insists on sharing his love and passion to inspire other yogis and not-yet-yogis alike.


Nic received and completed his 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certificate in Vinyasa Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage through LagoCPH at Anamaya Mind and Body Resort in Costa Rica. His experience lends to over 1500 hours of teaching classes and leading workshops and teacher trainings.


He brings a lot of personal experience into his classes by offering layers and modifications for varying fitness levels and for those who may have specific injuries or needs in their bodies. He has a strong focus on safety and anatomical alignments that he brings to the practice.


Nic loves arm balances and challenge poses to build strength using your body weight safely in yoga postures to increase endurance and strength training.


We are proud to announce that we are one of the only studios certified to offer continuing education for existing Yoga instructors and Yoga schools through our YACEP training modules.  Please refer to our Mindpose Training tab for details.

All of our yoga teachers are fully certified with YOGA ALLIANCE in one of the following, 200/ 500/E200/E500 hour certification.

Studio Video

Studio Pics

Read about what makes us so different...
Time & Attention

The Mat Yoga aims to provide Utah County with a place to reset your mind and body. We will give you the time and attention you need to develop and grow on your mat and the skills to take with you off the mat. We have strong emphasis on creating a climate-controlled, comfortable atmosphere for you to practice yoga at any level.

Climate Controlled

Yes, our classes are warm- they range from 80-95 degrees which we find to be a safe and effective temperature to assist most bodies, and not become detrimental to your practice. We want you to receive increased circulation, detoxification and flexibility enhancing benefits of the warmth without allowing it to become harmful to your practice and most of all your health.

Convenient Location

Our studio is conveniently located just off Redwood Road between 2100N and Lehi Main, in Saratoga Springs, making an ideal site for those who live in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, American Fork, Bluffdale, Riverton, Draper, South Jordan and the surrounding areas. Our 1,200sq foot space includes a studio, restrooms, waiting area and retail space.

We are proud retailers of Manduka yoga mats, towels, accessories and Alo Yoga apparel.


Pricing & Schedule

Pay as you go

  • The New Student

  • $1/day
  • Give us 2 weeks to prove to you how amazing our classes are. $14 gives new students access to all classes for 14 consecutive days.
  • Purchase Online
  • The Single Month

  • $99/mo
  • $99 Just in town for one month, or simply looking to dip your toes in the water?… Then try one month of unlimited classes with no contracted membership.
  • Purchase Online
  • The Six Pack

  • $85/pass
  • 6 classes for $85. If you have a busy, or ever-changing schedule -that’s okay! This punch pass brings each visit down to $14/class with a 6-month expiration.
  • Purchase Online
  • The Twelve Pack

  • $135/pass
  • 12 classes for $135. If you have a busy, or ever-changing schedule -that’s okay! This punch pass brings each visit down to $11.25/class with a 12-month expiration.
  • Purchase Online
  • The Out-of-Towner

  • $35/pass
  • 5 consecutive days of unlimited yoga for an out of town guest. Please present valid ID at check-in.
  • Purchase Online

Unlimited Options

  • Unlimited Membership

  • $65/mo
  • Unlimited classes all the time for one member.
  • Purchase Online
  • Daytime Membership

  • $57/mo
  • Unlimited weekday classes Monday through Friday between 5:30 am and 4:00 pm.
  • Purchase Online
  • Premium Membership

  • $69/mo
  • Member receives unlimited classes all the time with 2 complimentary guest passes and 2 mat and towel rentals per month. This membership allows account “holds” for $10/month (3 months max/year).
  • Purchase Online
  • Family Membership

  • $110/mo
  • This membership allows two family members in the same household unlimited access to classes which comes to $55/person/month (24% savings). $30 Add on per family member thereafter (ages 14 and up).
  • Must sign-up in studio or over the phone
View Class Schedule

If you are interested in booking yoga health packages for your employees, we do offer custom packages depending on your needs, number of employees, and corporate budget. Employee classes can be held in our studio space or classes can be taught offsite on your company premises for convenience purposes. Please contact us directly via email or call the studio.

Class Descriptions

*Please arrive before the class start time, we lock our doors so that you may submerse yourself  in the full Mat Yoga/Mindpose Experience.

This is our warmest class. ROOT is an Iyengar hatha based class with a set sequence of postures that are held static for longer periods of time. This works to increase range of motion and balance, while strengthening and toning the muscles.  Room is approximately 98 degrees with 45% humidity.

FLOW is a vinyasa style class, a seamless dynamic moving class composed of standing poses, balancing series, occasional inversions, and seated and supine postures, all seamlessly sequenced together to make you sweat. No two FLOW classes are identical- the sequence is ever changing and varies by instructor. The progression of breath to movement increases cardiovascular strength, and endurance; all the while challenging your muscles and increasing range of motion and flexibility.

MEDITATE is a partially guided meditation that will provide you with the space and energy to calm the mind, relax the body, or just enjoy the peace.

The perfect balance of strength and flexibility SCULPT classes blend yoga postures with added hand weights of the yogi’s choice (1-15lbs) for exercises, and intermittent cardio blasts. Most major muscle groups will be worked throughout the class. If you like high intensity workouts you will love this sequence set to lively and upbeat music!

RENEW is a restorative yoga class great for anyone looking to add flexibility and joint mobility. Get cozy with props in each pose in this wonderfully relaxing class

DEEP is a yin yoga style practice. DEEP is a great addition to any fitness regiment. This class has amazing benefits for relaxation and is primarily focused on deeply stretching into the connective tissue and breath work. Most postures are done on the floor or lying down, and are held for 3-6 minutes with periods of  Tibetan singing bowl, sound therapy meditation to soothe and relax the mind.

Come enjoy a yoga fit based power sequence sure to make you sweat.  POWER yoga is quicker paced than Vinyasa with added strength training & muscle toning components. Room temperature is approximately 95 degree and 40% humid.

SLOW is a slow moving based Hatha/Vinyasa series, with a combination of standing poses, balancing series, and seated and supine postures, all seamlessly sequenced together. Longer, static posture holds, slower transitions from posture to posture, increase muscle strength and make you sweat, all while focusing on calming the mind and body and increasing flexibility in the joints and muscles.

FUSE consists of 30 minutes of a power flow style sequence, 5-7 minutes of arm balance/inversion prep, and 20 minutes of flexibility and unwinding. 60 minutes of pure harmony.

Looking to challenge your practice?  Do you crave the time to work on or maybe perfect your arm balance or inversion? Perhaps learn how to use these fun and challenging postures by linking them seamlessly into your Vinyasa Flow practice? If this is what you want, need or crave for your practice then FLIGHT is for you!! ***Offered seasonally, please check the current schedule for up to date class offerings.

Which Class is Right for Me?
Studio Policies

Studio Etiquette

  • We ask that all personal belongings including; but not limited to; cell phones, keys, shoes, purses, gym bags, jackets, wallets etc. be left in a locker, or cubby outside of the studio room, as it becomes a safety hazard for other students to move said belongings while practicing.
  • The Studio Room is a quiet space before and after classes. If you want to converse with friends we please ask that you do so in the lobby.
  • The Mat Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings.
  • Yoga is not a spectator sport, no observation of class by any adult or child is permitted. This is to ensure that all practicing yogis feel comfortable as they move through class.
  • Please do not interrupt an instructor or a class that is in session.
  • The studio facilities (lockers, reception area, waiting rooms, restrooms) are available 15 minutes prior to class and 30 minutes after class.
  • No pets allowed in the yoga studio- this excludes your downward facing dog of course! Ha – let’s keep this space as a tranquil environment for all yogis.
  • Substitute teachers may be used from time to time and will be announced as soon as possible on our class schedule link.

Late Policy

  • Please know that class will always start promptly on time. Students who arrive past the start time of class may not have access to the studio if there is not a receptionist on duty. We lock the outside door during class to protect our student’s belongings.


  • All studio transactions are final and may not be refunded, credited, or transferred.

Frequently Asked Questions


We are located 1950 N Hillcrest Road, look for our signage. The door to our space is accessed on the South side of the building. Walk in and walk upstairs, you cant miss us!

What should I wear to a yoga class?

Most importantly wear clothing that you can move in. Semi-fitted clothing is great and moisture wick capabilities are an added bonus, as you will perspire in all of our classes. All classes are barefoot- even Power.

I am a beginner what class should I take?

You are welcome to begin with any of our classes; our instructors offer many levels and modifications throughout class to accommodate all. Please let your instructor know if it is your first class to further assist you personally.

What age do I need to be to practice at The Mat Yoga?

Ages 14-17 can take classes accompanied by a parent or legal guardian participating in the class with you. All minors (under 18) must have a parent waiver signed prior to practicing (the parent or guardian must sign the waiver in person at a studio).

I am pregnant, can I practice yoga?

We highly recommend asking your doctor. They will know what’s best for you and your specific needs. Typically, non-heated or low heated classes are best for pregnant women, be sure to consult with your doctor before you take any of our classes while pregnant.

Where can I put my belongings?

We have lockers and cubbies for you to store your things during class. Please note that The Mat Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen items although we do our best to keep the studio space safe and secure.

Do I need to bring a mat and towel to class?

You can, or you can rent a mat for $2 and a towel for $1(first rental is on us)….. but if its a hassle… For $15/month you can have unlimited mat and towel rental.

What is the parking like?

There is ample parking onsite for our building

What do I need to bring with me?

You will want to bring a yoga mat, water bottle and perhaps a towel. We do offer mats and towels for an additional charge if you forget! Yoga Mat = $2, Towel= $1

What is the temperature of your classes?

Power Sculpt and Slow Burn class’s are held in approximately 87-90 degrees with added humidity

Vinyasa class ranges from 90-93 degrees with 35-40% humidity

Hatha and Power Flow class is held in 96-99 degrees with 40-45% humidity

Restoration Flow and Yin class’s are held in 83-87 degrees with added humidity

Yin/Yang class is held in 92-94 degrees with 335-40%  humidity

Do I need to sign up ahead of time for classes?

No, just simply show up and we will get you signed in. You can view the schedule from our Mindbody Online Link and you can purchase certain packages and gift cards online as well. 

How often should I practice, can I practice every day?

You can practice yoga as often as you wish; it’s different for every person and fitness level so we ask that you listen to your body.

Can I buy classes online?

Yes, simply create an account on the schedule link and select what package you wish to purchase. Keep in mind if you have been into the studio before you may already be in the system and you can search for your name accordingly. Certain packages like the membership programs must be registered for in the studio. The special rate must also be applied in studio with valid ID or pay stub.

Do you offer Family Memberships?

Yes, please inquire about our discounted monthly family add on membership options either in person, telephone or via email.


1950 N Hillcrest Road, Saratoga Springs, Ut 84045

(801) 874-5180


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